Food Blog Roundup: 03.13.07

What's simmering this week around the blogosphere? Here's some of what our fellow bloggers have been talking about.

Anne is the mother of 7 and yet finds time to post many great recipes on her blog Cooking with Anne. This week she has Banana Pear Bread and a whole homestyle menu of Chicken Soup, Cheese Scones and Apple Cake.
Christina at The Thorngrove Table blogs about ancient, medieval, and modern cuisine in posts that always interesting and well-researched. (Footnotes! In a blog! We love it.) She has been talking about long pepper and she has a recipe for a Lindow Stew that includes it.
Ivonne at Cream Puffs in Venice always has wonderful sweet treats, and this week is no different, with Walnut-Apricot Jam Thumbprint Cookies and Orange Bread.
Melissa at the always lovely Traveler's Lunchbox has a recipe for Rosemary Panelle, or Sicilian Chickpea Fritters. She also recently talked about Catalan cuisine and its signature seafood dish fideuà.