Five Ways to Drink Green Tea

Green tea is famous for its antioxidant properties and purported health benefits. For thousands of years it's been believed to cure everything from cancer to headaches. We like a good cup of hot, fragrant green tea, but we also like it in a few other things.

Lahpet, pickled green tea. Lahpet is considered the national food of Burma.

Here are a few more ways to enjoy green tea and its famed antioxidant properties.

  1. Cold-brew it - One of the easiest ways to enjoy green tea's delicate, aromatic flavor is to cold-brew it.
  2. Muddle in mint (or other herbs) - Muddle in fresh mint from the garden or the farmers market; fresh mint green tea is totally refreshing.
  3. Add it to a smoothie - Add a spoonful of matcha powder, or a cup of brewed green tea to your morning smoothie!
  4. Eat it pickled - Lahpet is a fascinating ingredient; it's pickled tea, and it makes a delicious salad! It's one of the national foods of Burma, where tea is native. See more about lahpet here.
  5. Make ice cream - Matcha is a great addition to ice cream and other frozen treats, like this creamy matcha frozen yogurt.

Here are a few more tips and resources. And tell us: what are your favorite ways to consume green tea?

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