Five Ways to Eat: Dark Chocolate

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You probably don't need much help from us in eating your dark chocolate. After all, it's not only addictively delicious; it also has a health stamp of approval these days — antioxidant is such a magic word! But in any case, here are a few more ways to sprinkle a little extra dark chocolate into your diet.

Image Credit: Apartment Therapy

A velvety chocolate cake that also has a secret vegetable ingredient.
  1. Grate over your morning oatmeal - Remember our post on oats? Just a few shards of dark, nearly unsweetened chocolate can really liven up your morning oatmeal! It's a Friday treat, right?
  2. Garnish a fruit plate with chocolate curls - Just fruit, with a little dark chocolate alongside, makes an elegant and healthy end to a meal. Serve a tray of Champagne grapes and peaches, or apple and plum slices, with shavings of dark chocolate.
  3. Mix into frozen banana ice cream - Did you know you can make ice cream from nothing but a frozen banana? It tastes perfectly creamy, and since it's so healthy, you can afford some chunks of dark chocolate to make it just a little more decadent.
  4. Eat it straight - Just a little nip of a chocolate bar can wake you up in the middle of the day, without the full caffeine of a cup of coffee, or the indulgence of a brownie.
  5. Add into your morning baked goods - We love healthy, whole grain muffins with fruit and nuts for breakfast. But you can also liven them up with a little dark chocolate too.

What's your favorite way to eat dark chocolate...especially in more restrained ways? Here are a few more good tips on chocolate!

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