Five Ways to Eat: Black Beans

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Black beans are one of the staples of our pantry. At a loss for dinner? Crack open a can of black beans, combine with a few veggies, and presto! Healthy vegetarian dinner. Here's a look at a few more ways we love to eat black beans.

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Bean burritos - quick, easy, vegan dinner.

We like eating black beans in a lot of the same ways we've mentioned in previous Five Ways To Eat posts: soups, salads, just plain. We also just showed you another two fabulous recipes for them: Kemp's black beans and Cuban black bean soup. What's your favorite way to eat yummy black beans?

  1. From dried beans - Black beans don't have to come from a can. Companies like Rancho Gordo are bringing back tasty heirloom beans, which have a world of flavor compared to canned beans. You can't beat canned beans for convenience, but you can also cook up a pot of beans and eat off it all week.
  2. Canned, with lime juice, tomatoes, and chili - This is all you need for a quick weeknight supper: mix canned black beans and drained, chopped tomatoes. Toss with chili flakes and a lot of lime juice and salt and pepper. Delicious!
  3. In burritos! - Beans aren't just a supporting player; they can be the centerpiece of your burrito night. Make it a vegan meal (or vegetarian, if you've gotta have cheese) and load up burritos with hot black beans, veggies, rice and other goodies. Easy and nutritious. Also try these yam and black bean burritos and these quick burritos too.
  4. In soup - We adore black bean soup. Add a little spicy sausage, simmer it for a long time, so wonderful. Try this quick and easy black bean soup as well as this Cuban black bean soup.
  5. In salad - Drain and rinse a can of black beans and throw them into a big mixed dinner salad (maybe with How to Cook Beans
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