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Fifty Shades of Naughty Cooking Puns: Cookbook Riffs on the Popular Book

The rapid, feverish ascent of Fifty Shades of Grey has proven to be too much for PR persons and trend watchers. When there's a bandwagon, one must jump on it. The two latest riffs on the erotic novella have come from the food world: Fifty Shades of Chicken (which includes recipes for "Dripping Thighs" and "Mustard Spanked Chicken") and 50 Shades of Kale ("Thai'd Up Roughage"). Oh yes (yes, YES!) it's true. See a video below:

Fifty Shades of Chicken promises to be a scintillating tale of "a young, free-range chicken" and "a dominating, ravenous chef," with "fifty recipes to make every dinner a turn-on." (See the video above if you have any doubt.) 50 Shades of Kale calls itself "a fun and sexy romp powered by kale" that is "bound to excite your taste buds." Indeed!

What's next? "Tie Me Up in the Kitchen: A Guide to Trussing Your Roast" or "Unexpected Uses for That Meat Hook"? Perhaps a recipe for "Bread Doughn't Stop" or "Whipped Cream." (Wait... I think that last one already exists.) What other naughty food puns can you come up with?

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(Images: Book covers via Amazon)