February Sneak Peek: Do it Now! Small Projects Month

Image Credit: The Kitchn | Kitchn

January is almost over...already! And now, here is a sneak peek at our big news for February:

Do it Now! Small Projects Month

We are inviting you to tackle one small household project, one you've been meaning to get to for a long time. You can enter your creative solutions and projects for a chance to win a prize and, more importantly, to educate and inspire all of us. The Kitchn will be inviting entries this year, along with all the other sites in our network.

So get thinking on your household (and kitchen!) projects: what have you been putting off? Isn't it time you got it done? And look for an official event announcement in just a few days, including the scoop on a very exciting partner!

Oh, and PS! We know that we mentioned we'd be focusing on soups in February. No worries, soup-lovers: soups are still on the table. Look for plenty of soups, stews, and simmering in February, along with your best DIY and get-it-done-now! projects. It will be a full month - see you then!

• Last year's DIY Month and all the projects: January Jumpstart 2008