Finger Lickin' Good

Edible Nail Polish Exists and It Tastes Like Fried Chicken

Image Credit: KFC

This new edible nail polish brings a whole new meaning to the tagline "Finger Lickin' Good." I'm not sure I like it.

KFC developed the concept to create interest around their company in Hong Kong, which is the only place the nail polish is available for purchase. They're offering two flavors, Hot & Spicy and Original Recipe, and have asked customers to pick their favorite flavor to go into mass production. Can you imagine if it became an upsell for value meals? I can hear it now: Do you want nail polish with that?

Image Credit: KFC

Although I'm not certain that the nail polishes will ever make their way to the U.S., I don't want them — or anyone who wears them — anywhere near me. I'm the kind of person who grabs door handles with sleeves, washes my hands as soon as I get home, and — you know — makes a conscious effort to not put fingers in my mouth. Honestly, the thought of going through the process of painting my nails and then licking it off is making me queasy. It's even worse when I think of others doing it, and then spreading their germs everywhere they go. Yuck. Why not just eat some fried chicken?

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