Eating Well on the Road: 9 Quick Travel Snack & Meal Ideas

Image Credit: Apartment Therapy
Looking to avoid fast or processed food when you travel? It's one thing to pack your own snacks for a quick car or airplane trip. But it gets a little harder to plan ahead on longer getaways, like summer road trips. But no fear: there is a better way to travel that does not include gas station coffee and Chili Cheese Fritos. 

Now don't get me wrong: I love a good gas station coffee or salty treat every now and then! But traveling can really start to wear you down if you're not feeding yourself well. I find that I can go a good day and a half relying on so-so food — usually a combination of from-home snacks and a roadside dinner — before I start to feel a bit run down and restless. 

Below you'll find some of my suggestions for car and train travel (my boyfriend is a train aficionado and has succeeded in dragging me across the country a few times via train). Many of these ideas can be prepared at home and travel well; others can be purchased ahead of time and put together on the road; others yet are easy to find in most grocery stores and make great impromptu meals. 

9 Quick Travel Snack and Meal Ideas:

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