Christmas in the Kitchen

10 Simple Christmas Centerpieces

Image Credit: Cattales on Etsy

If you're like me, you're going to need most of your holiday prep time in the kitchen. No time to fuss over complicated centerpieces for the table! But there are lots of ways to make the holiday table beautiful without sinking all of your time into it. Here are a few simple ideas.

10 Simple Christmas Centerpieces

  1. Make mason jar luminaries like these from Cattales on Etsy.
  2. Find a pretty glass container and fill it with bulb ornaments.
  3. Cut a pine branch and put it in water. Voila!
  4. Fill simple glass vases with water and cranberries, sliced limes, etc. Include a vase with a candle in it for some sparkle.
  5. Decorate a small rosemary "tree" with bunting.
  6. You can't go wrong with greenery in mason jars marching down the center of the table with pillar candles.
  7. Force paperwhite bulbs (it's really easy!) and tie with a ribbon (which is functional — it keeps the top-heavy stems from falling over).
  8. Moss and pine cone candleholders are clean-lined and modern.
  9. Hang bulbs from ribbons in a tight cluster for a festive chandelier.
  10. Hang a giant paper snowflake (or lots of little ones).