Easter Table Decorations: Putting Egg Cups to Work

Egg cups make great souvenirs for apartment-dwelling cooks. They don't take up too much space and add a little bit of whimsy to windowsills or cabinets, but are easy enough to clear away when you want to cut kitchen clutter.

I don't serve soft-boiled eggs often, so Easter is the time to get the egg cup collection together and put it to work in creative ways...

My egg cup collection started at an Italian ceramics store in North Beach, San Francisco. I bought an egg cup hand painted with a big smile and curly orange hair because it was the only thing in the shop that would fit in my suitcase. Then I found this perfect orange egg cup at Housing Works for a dollar. Last Christmas, a friend gave me a pair of egg cups from Alessi.

With Easter is just a couple days away, egg shaped candles are on sale in discount and drug stores. Why not use your egg cups as candle holders for these egg shaped candles?

They could run down the middle of your Easter brunch table or light just a few of them in your kitchen?

We've also used egg cups for veggies and dip for two: one egg cup to hold the carrots sticks, one to hold the dip.

What are your inspired uses for egg cups? Send me your pictures (chris AT apartmenttherapy DOT com) and we'll post some on Sunday afternoon.

Have a Happy Easter!

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