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Holiday Table Decor: Dress Up Your Table with Oranges & Air Plants!

When designing your holiday table this year, consider air plants. Flowers are standard, yes, and using potted plants is not unheard of, and yet air plants have a great modern feel to them, but without the fuss.

The blog Snippet and Ink does a great job of keeping an eye out for beautiful design. They design mostly for weddings, but there is still plenty of inspiration for regular dining! This table happens to be studded with pops of orange and just enough texture from the spikey air plants.

There are also bowls of oranges and kumquats, which is a great way to not only deck out your table but provide a little snack, too! Air plants are easy to move around and can live in any bright filtered light, making them a perfect fit for any home with at least one window. The combination keeps things simple and feels fresh without being so holiday specific that it feels like you're being hit over the head with it. Want to see more?

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(Images: Belathee via Snippet and Ink)