Don't Call Me Feta

Overheard in a brownstone Brooklyn gourmet shop ...

Woman Working Behind the Cheese Counter: Has Fay Tuh come in yet?

Manager With The Melodious Voice and Striped Apron: Who's Fay Tuh?

Woman Working Behind the Cheese Counter: You know her. Fay Tuh.

Melodious Manager: Oh, her. No, she hasn't come in yet.

The manager and his protégé were mocking a regular customer for mispronouncing "feta". Turns out Ms. Fay Tuh might night be as wrong as these foodies think. There is an alternate pronunciation of feta with a long a sound.

We believe helping customers learn how to appreciate their offerings should be part of the mission of all gourmet shops. Teach us how to appreciate your premium products, but don't mock us. Sy Syms says it best: "An educated consumer is our best customer."

Learn this lesson quick, Manager With The Melodious Voice, or we won't be back. Humiliation doesn't sell cheese.

(Image: Farlex)