This Costco Deal Might Make You Reconsider Blue Apron

Image Credit: From Left to Right:Trong Nguyen/Shutterstock; Courtesy of Blue Apron

If your go-to Costco dinner plan usually revolves around picking up a rotisserie chicken, we have a new option for you: Costco and Blue Apron have teamed up to start selling special meal kits in select stores.

Image Credit: Blue Apron

The kits feed four people and cost $24.99, which comes out to about $6.25 per serving. For comparison, Blue Apron's subscription meal plans for four people are typically around $8.99 per serving. So this comes out to a discount of around 30 percent off! Plus, the Costco kits don't require a subscription and they take less time to prepare than some of Blue Apron's standard subscription meal kits.

Right now, this partnership is just a pilot program in 17 stores in the Pacific Northwest and San Francisco Bay area, and there are only two initial recipes: one-pan beef stir-fry and Southwestern chicken tacos. The selection will change up every three to four weeks, though. And of course, the hope is to expand the partnership to other Costco locations.

In related news: Costco also sells eGift Cards to Blue Apron ($80 for two $50 cards) in case you want to try the actual mail-delivered kits.

In case there isn't a Costco near you or you're just not a member, we've found similar Blue Apron recipes for you to try.

What do you think? Would you be willing to try these Blue Apron kits from Costco? Why or why not?