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Costco Named the Best Company to Work for in 2018

Image Credit: Thomas Trompeter/Shutterstock

You probably already know that Costco is one of the best bulk grocery stores in the country; it's a one-stop shop for pajamas, jeans, massive quantities of cheese puffs, and roasted chickens. If you're a member, you're guaranteed to find something at Costco you'll love (may I suggest this four-foot-tall wine glass?), but as it turns out the joys of Costco don't end there. This year, the chain was named the number-one best place to work in the country.

As USA Today reports, a company called Comparably, which monitors workplace culture, conducted the survey. It asked participants to rate work-life balance, compensation, and their outlook on the future of the business, among other questions regarding the company's overall culture. Costco employees receive benefits which "make them feel like they're part of a family," according to the company's CEO, Jason Nazar. Nazar said that Costco also ranked high when it came to the diversity of its workforce.

Costco is light years ahead of most companies when it comes to paying fair wages: The average hourly wage for a Costco employee is around $13.50; meanwhile federal minimum wage is only $7.50. And when it comes to healthcare, Costco employees are also well taken care of: They receive both health and dental insurance, and are eligible for other benefits including 401k programs, stocks, and life insurance.

Costco might not have massive game rooms or on-site cooking classes and massages like Google, the company that came in second place, but even the most fancy amenities can't beat out good old-fashioned living wages and reliable health insurance.

Despite the fact that Starbucks has been subject to some controversy this year, the coffee chain also made the list, coming in at number 10. Chick-Fil-A just barely made it into the top 50, ranking at number 46.