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Chrissy Teigen Says Cream Cheese Hot Dog Is a Delight

Image Credit: lev radin/Shutterstock

Chicago's eponymous dog, Detroit's Coney, and New York's dirty water hot dog might be the most famous local variations on the hot dog. But Seattle's got its own style, and last night cookbook author, model, and queen of Twitter Chrissy Teigen sampled one and declared it "a DELIGHT" (her caps, not ours).

Seattle's signature hot dog is a controversial one, something that sometimes causes some folks to (as Teigen later mentions on Twitter) yuck other peoples' yums before they've even tasted the food. You see, if you buy a late-night hot dog on the streets of Seattle, you'll likely be asked if you'd like cream cheese on that. The answer is — as Chrissy says — yes.

Teigen, who hails from Snohomish, just north of the city, was in town last night for her husband's (singer John Legend) concert. First she asked Twitter where the best place to find late-night Vietnamese food was (the internet, including myself, correctly guided her to Ba Bar). But she also dug into another local specialty.

Teigen meandered over to Seattle Sausage, a stand across the street from the WaMu theater where John was playing, and had Randy fix her up a classic Seattle dog: spicy sausage on a bun spread with whipped cream cheese (they apply it with a tool that looks like a caulk gun, and it is awesome), and topped with grilled onions.

Despite Teigen's enthusiasm for what is actually the greatest way to eat a late-night hot dog, many Twitter followers (who haven't tried the Seattle dog in question) poo-pooed her choices. And they really managed to piss off Teigen, who went on a mini-rant, saying "Eat your own damn food and be quiet. You weren't invited anyway."

Which, of course, is exactly why we all love her — she shoots straight and knows a great dish when she finds it. In fact, she adds, "I don't think I can go back to cream cheeseless dogs."