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Chrissy Teigen Is Obsessed with This Pasta Breaking Video

Image Credit: lev radin/Shutterstock

"Is this a fetish thing?" Chrissy Teigen recently asked on Twitter. "I think I like it more than I should," she continued. The video she is referring to is almost a minute and a half of a guy breaking dried spaghetti in a variety of manners, many employing the use of his bald head, as well as what appears to be homemade wooden tools and the occasional saw, in a sort of ASMR-meets-foodie video.

Her followers — like all of us — have a lot of questions: "Is it food?... Is Baldness an important element here?" asked the writer Molly Jong-Fast. Other people wondered about the waste of pasta, or if this was part of some sort of anti-carb movement. There is also an endless series of pasta puns down the Twitter thread if that's your sort of fetish. But most people just watch and wonder: why is it so great to watch, but also, why is he doing it?

As Chrissy says, the repeated sound of hundreds of sticks of dried pasta cracking is endlessly satisfying in a deliciously artistic way which makes sense. The video itself does come from an artist, a Norwegian guy named Jan Hakon Erichsen whose current main focus is making "short destruction videos" that he posts on his Instagram account. A number of them are pasta-focused, but there's also a lot of balloon popping.

The crick-crackingly incredible video that Chrissy tweeted about is actually a video that compiles a handful of his shorter stunts together. But it's still worth watching them individually on his Instagram, where you can see the blooper and outtake reels as well.

The real takeaway, though, comes from Erichsen's Instagram bio, which warns explicitly that "You should really, really, not try this at home."