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Chrissy Teigen Made an Adorable Menu for Her Picky Daughter

Image Credit: Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock

When I was two years old, I was the kind of two-year-old that made her parents buy books with titles like Making Your Kids Mind Without Losing Yours and Have a New Kid by Friday. (Unfortunately for my folks, there wasn't a chapter about actually trading your child for a different, less obnoxious one). Meals were the worst, because apparently the only foods I would even consider not throwing directly from the plate onto the rug were lamb chops and chicken livers. Weird flex, toddler me.

So yeah, my parents would fix either lamb or liver for any number of meals, because it was easier, I guess? (I am still apologizing to them for the years between zero and five. And for my teens. And for my 20s). But every parent has probably done things that seem extra — if not absolutely, bonkers — if it means that their toddler will take three or four consecutive bites of food.

Even Chrissy Teigen (!!!) gets desperate when her daughter flat out refuses to eat. On Tuesday, she told her 10 million Twitter followers that she was "officially owned" by the problem of getting two-year-old Luna to eat something other than spaghetti and fish sticks.

"I'm spending my days making a menu, cooking and plating every meal and taking pics so my DARLING ANGEL will eat something WHO HAVE I BECOME... I just love projects," she wrote. "A binder of laminated photos with TODDLER FOOD on Peppa Pig plates. A MENU FOR MY DAUGHTER. I actually didn't realize how insane this was til I started typing it."

She wasn't kidding: she tweeted a 15-second video of Luna's laminated menu, which featured six tiny entrees – and their accompanying prices! In Luna's little restaurant, she can choose from a solid range of things that I would 100% eat for my own lunch: stuff like a cheese quesadilla, cereal with bananas, or chicken tenders and fries. And, unsurprisingly, a lot of the responses to Teigen's tweet were "Will you adopt me?" or "Will you please adopt me?" or "Are reservations available?"

But on second thought...I don't know about this, Luna. Where are the lamb chops and chicken livers?