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Can You Help Me Find a Quirky, Fun Cookie Jar?

Image Credit: Apartment Therapy

Q: I have recently been contemplating getting a cookie jar for the sake of nostalgia. I understand that traditional jars aren't the best thing for keeping cookies fresh but I want the feeling that having a cookie jar invokes in the kitchen if you will. Something quirky and fun to look at...

... that guests just have to peek into, even if it is out character with the rest of the kitchen.

I was wondering what cookie jars other readers have or grew up with. Growing up ours was a strawberry and it was mostly only filled at Christmas time.

Sent by Allison

Editor: Allison, I confess that I love these animal cookie jars from West Elm, especially the bear:

Bear Cookie Jar, $39 at West Elm

Readers, what kind of cookie jar did you go up with? Do you have one in your kitchen now?

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(Image: West Elm)