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Can I Use Gluten-Free Flours Past the Due Date?

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Q: I inherited several pounds of gluten-free flours from a friend who is moving — two bags each of potato starch, spelt flour, and rice flour. What should I do with it all?

I've done lots of gluten-free baking, but mostly with premade blends or almond meal. Also, the flours are several months past the sell-by date, but unopened. Do you think they're still good? Thanks!

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Editor: Maybe. Were they stored in the fridge or freezer? If they were I'd be less wary about using them — but I'd still make use of them sooner rather than later. Sell-by date is the manufacturer's suggestions for when they need to be moved off the shelves. The use-by date is the one you want to be more concerned about — that tells you when the product is at its best flavor and quality.

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Kitchn readers, how closely do you heed use-by and sell-by dates?

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