Our Favorite Calming Teas You Can Buy on Amazon

Image Credit: Faith Durand

Is there anything cozier than sitting in your favorite spot and leaning in to your mug of hot tea to smell the steamy herbs wafting out? It's my nighttime ritual all year round, but even more so when it gets too cold to function outside. I'm not alone! Here are Kitchn staffers' favorite teas that help us unwind and REMAIN CALM. All of them are available on Amazon, which means you definitely don't have to go outside to get them!

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1. Harney & Sons Chamomile Herbal, $8 for 20 sachets

"This is my everyday tea. This tea is akin to a blanket you've had in your bed for years and years. It might not be the jazziest of teas, but it is reliable and comforting and gets the job done. I buy the loose-leaf in bulk and make copious pots of it every week, but these sachets make things even easier." Ariel Knutson, News & Culture Editor

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2. Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Herbal Tea, $4 for 40 tea bags

"I am a very anxious person and at night my mind tends to race with all the things on my to-do list. Making that dentist appointment I've been avoiding! Cleaning out my fridge! Getting enough Vitamin D! You name it, I've worried about it. Enter: Sleepytime Tea, the ideal blend of chamomile, lemongrass, and mint that calms my buzzing brain and lets me go to sleep feeling more relaxed about life. I drink a mug of this pretty much every night. If I'm feeling rebellious, I'll sometimes switch it up with Sleepytime Vanilla." Emma Glubiak, Audience Development Associate

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3. Republic of Tea Cardamon Cinnamon Tea, $11 for 36 tea bags

"This basically tastes like a masala chai without the actual black tea (read: caffeine). It's all of the earthy, warm spices, which is really the best part of chai anyway. I love that you can actually see the spices too — whole cardamon pods, pink peppercorns, and cinnamon bark." Sheela Prakash, Assistant Food Editor

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4. Traditional Medicinals Gypsy Cold Care, $4 for 16 tea bags

"This started out as my go-to herbal tea when I was feeling under the weather, but now I drink it even when I'm not sick just because it's so cozy and comforting!" Lauren Kodiak, Managing Editor

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5. Harney & Sons Yellow & Blue, $11 for 20 sachets

"I feel so strongly about tea!!! This blend of chamomile and lavender is calming, mainly because it doesn't have caffeine. But the blend of herbs is also soothing." Adrienne Breaux, House Tour Editor at Apartment Therapy

Do you have a favorite calming tea? Tell us about it in the comments below!