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Breville's Fast Slow Cooker Is a Great Pressure Cooker for Beginners

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Item: Breville The Fast Slow Cooker
Price: $179.99
Overall Impression: If you're intimidated by using an electric pressure cooker, this is the one for you. The manual and settings make it super easy to understand what you're doing. I also love how the steam release button is away from the valve – it makes it much more safe for a first-time user.

Breville is known for making higher-end appliances, and that includes The Fast Slow Cooker. This machine is a slow cooker and pressure cooker, and as a result, is more expensive than other cookers that just have the pressure cooker function. Is it worth the extra cash? I ran it through three tests to find out.

The Quick Facts

Characteristics and specs:

Image Credit: Ariel Knutson

Favorite details: My very favorite thing about this pressure cooker is that the pressure release valve is separate from the pressure release button. While other electric pressure cookers might require a spoon to release the steam, you can cautiously just use your hand to release pressure from your cooker. Amazing!

The manual for this pressure cooker is also great – very detailed with good visual graphics. The control panel is easy to understand, and the cooker comes with a bonus "medium" pressure which I haven't seen before.

Potential problems: There was a faint plastic smell from the pressure release valve while the cooker was in use. This is because the top of the lid is made out of hard plastic, and it should not affect your food. The pressure cooker was also a little loud when on high pressure.

Who would love this? If you're new to pressure cooking, or are just a little intimidated by the whole process, this is the cooker for you. It's easy to use and understand. It comes at a bigger price tag, however.

The Testing

I put the Breville through three different tests, and here's how it did:

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1. Dried Chickpeas

Image Credit: Ariel Knutson

2. Hard-Boiled Eggs

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3. Chicken

My Review

Design and Functions

This beautiful cooker is very lightweight considering what it can do. I think it would be ideal for any small kitchen. I loved the easy-to-understand control panel. You just press "function" and then "pressure cooker" and select the amount of time. The type of pressure you want is located on the lid: high, medium, or low.

My favorite feature about this pressure cooker is how the pressure release valve and steam release button aren't the same thing. In other pressure cookers, you have to turn a knob that also releases steam, which seems odd. You're less at a risk to hurt yourself when the two are separate (that being said, you should still be careful — steam hurts).

The manual for this cooker is very clear, and walks you through how to properly use and wash your cooker, as well as what each part does. The illustrations are extra helpful.

I had two concerns with the design and function of this cooker. On high pressure, the cooker made a little noise that was initially a little concerning. The second thing was that the top of the lid was made of plastic, including the pressure release valve, so there was a faint smell of plastic as the steam was being released. This shouldn't have an affect on what you're cooking, however.


The chickpeas were perfectly cooked and very flavorful. The eggs were easy to peel, but on the softer side of hard-boiled. This may be in part due to the fact that the low pressure on this cooker is 4.5-5PSI. If I were to make eggs again, I would use the medium pressure.

I was particularly impressed with how the cooker handled the chicken. The sauté function was good; it quickly softened the onions and browned the chicken. The chicken had a lot of color after being cooked and was very moist.


You can technically clean the nonstick cooking bowl in the dishwasher, but Breville recommends doing it by hand to preserve the nonstick coating. I didn't have any problems washing the bowl, silicone gasket, or condensation collector.

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Breville The Fast Slow Cooker

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