Bread at Thanksgiving: Do or Don't?

The Thanksgiving prep has begun with dogeared recipes, phone calls to family members, and pie dough made and frozen. But recently the question of bread came up: do we need it? Do we want it? Will anyone miss the bread if it's not a part of the meal?

People do Thanksgiving in many different ways - some are traditional with turkey and mashed potatoes, some staunchly untraditional with tamales or even take-out Chinese. My family falls very much in the traditional camp. While we may try a new vegetable or dessert recipe, there is always turkey, mashed potatoes, and dinner rolls.

But I've noticed in the past few years that the rolls just sit there, even if they're homemade and would otherwise be a big hit. I tend to think for such a robust holiday meal, the bread just gets lost.

What about you? Do you do dinner rolls for Thanksgiving and do you find family and friends enjoy them, are they more a tradition than anything?

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(Image: Lawfully Wedded Wife)