Braising Contest Honorable Mentions 2007: Teri's Slow Braised Tomatoes

(The nineteen amazing Honorable Mentions in our Braising Contest will each receive an Apartment Therapy T-Shirt. We are methodically and swiftly presenting them all to you with the winning photos and recipes. Another cold week here in NYC: braise on!)

Teri's Slow Braised Tomatoes

Image Credit: Apartment Therapy

Best Side Dish Braise

Recipe after the jump...
Image Credit: Apartment Therapy

Braising is for more than the main dish - many side dishes and veggies are great braised. Teri says: I made slow braised tomatoes, the recipe can be found on Epicurious. I was unable to use plum tomatoes (my market only had some dredges left) so I used tomatoes on the vine. I would recommend increasing the amount of basil and the red pepper flakes.

These tomatoes are meant as an accompaniment rather than stand on its own. Tonight, I chose to mix it into my rice. I plan on using the leftover oil for pasta for lunch tomorrow.

Overall time was less than three hours (2.5 hours in the oven, and 15 minutes or so to prepare).

Go to Epicurious for the recipe!