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Bobby Flay to Host a New Food Show with His Daughter

Image Credit: Denis Contreras / Stringer / Getty Images

For fans of celebrity chef Bobby Flay, the Food Network has been feeding them plenty of battles, burgers, and brunches for nearly 25 years — and it doesn't look like the star will be slacking off anytime soon. Busy, busy Bobby is opening a new restaurant in Las Vegas called Shark, working on his 15th cookbook, and has just announced his newest television show — co-starring his daughter.

Variety released the news that Flay's 22-year-old daughter, Sophie Flay, will join him for a new show, reportedly called The Flay List, that will begin airing in spring 2019. Though there are no details on what the show will be about, SheKnows theorized that it will "involve Bobby's expertise and some father-daughter banter, especially if Sophie has anything on her old man." They also noted that both Flays have been sharing photos on Instagram that feature them visiting restaurants around the country together, so perhaps we have a travel show on our hands?

Tiding Flay fans over until more news comes out is word that the network has also signed up for new episodes of Beat Bobby Flay. "Bobby Flay is a culinary superstar in every regard, and we are thrilled to be able to continue this extraordinary and productive partnership," said Courtney White, president of Food Network. "Bobby has a unique way of inviting audiences to experience food through the lens of his own passion. He's both an expert as well as approachable, someone most people feel they know and can trust to steer their own culinary curiosities."

In other words: the Food Network likes Bobby Flay and plans to keep letting him cook and eat with viewers for as long as they can. And, with Sophie joining him in the new show, perhaps they are looking to double down on airtime for the famous Flays.