Kitchen Remodel

Before & After: A Dated Space Turns Into a Dream Kitchen!

Image Credit: Danielle/The Big Reveal

This kitchen was completely serviceable, but it was just a little bit blah. Yes, it has great counter space and plenty of storage, and it gets decent natural light. A pretty good starting point!

But the owner, Danielle, was ready to bring it up to date and add some special touches to make all the cooking she does that much easier. Check out the transformation!

Image Credit: Danielle/The Big Reveal

We first saw Danielle's kitchen in our recipe kitchen makeover contest, The Big Reveal, and we're glad to revisit as this is a really lovely transformation!

Thanks to the workable layout, Danielle was able to work within that existing structure to keep costs down, which allowed her to focus on the upgrades that she really wanted to make.

Image Credit: Danielle/The Big Reveal

The top of Danielle's priority list was a double oven. As a self-described "on-again, off-again pastry chef" this setup was one she had been dreaming of for a long time. She's already planning to host Thanksgiving , and will this time have enough room for all the dishes instead of performing an elaborate juggling act.

Thanks for sharing your kitchen with us, Danielle!

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