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5 Great Beers for Cocktail Lovers

Image Credit: Casey Barber

The world of cocktails is a deliciously diverse one. You've got the soul-warming depth of whiskey drinks, the crisp refreshment of vodka tonics, the debonair charm of gin martinis, the tropical breeziness of pina coladas and daiquiris — and that's just scratching the surface. There are floral cocktails, herbal drinks and everything in between.

But guess what? The world of beers is just as wild for flavor! If you've been staying away from brews because hoppy bitterness might not be your bag, or because you haven't fallen in love with the taste of roasted malts, I encourage you to step away from the taps at your local saloon and try something new.

Image Credit: Casey Barber

The next time you're craving a cocktail, try one of these beers. If you like...


You might think there's no beer equivalent to something so tart, but think again. Gose is a century-old German beer style that fell far out of fashion, but has been making its way into brewery lineups over the past few years. It's a sour beer that's actually brewed with salt, lending it a dry, citrusy salinity. Close your eyes and take a sip: I kid you not, it really does mimic a salt-rimmed margarita.

Old-Fashioneds (and Bourbon)

Bourbon fans couldn't be happier that barrel-aged beers rolled into town. Adventurous brewers have been using the one-and-done rule for bourbon barrels to their advantage, throwing whatever they think might work into the wood and seeing what happens.

Gin & Tonics

IPAs that showcase piney hop varieties like Simcoe match up fiendishly well with gin's juniper notes—they've even got a hint of citrus to echo the oh-so-crucial lime or lemon twist.

Image Credit: Casey Barber

Strawberry Daiquiris

All fruity drink lovers have probably had fruity beers shoved into their hands time and again, but there's one in particular I'm going to push across the bar to you with a knowing nod:


Coffee- and chocolate-infused stouts are the way to go.

Got any other beer/cocktail swap-outs to offer?