Are You A Condimaniac?

"One whose cabinets and refrigerator doors are filled with an excess of food seasonings . . . a person affected by a mania for condiments."

That's a condimaniac according to the spring issue of T: The New York Times Style Magazine. You know the type: a fridge bulging with three kinds of capers, a rainbow of olives, plus a collection of aging pestos, ketchups, and tapanades.

Merill Stubbs wrote a column about the up and coming condiments she thinks will soon be fighting for space in our kitchens. Fava leaves, mastic, avgotaraho, and raw-milk vacherin fribourgeois all made the list.

The one that stood out as a must buy on this list is violet mustard.

Violet mustard is "a condiment that is both tangy and slightly sweet." The article explains that "this mustard owes its vibrant magenta hue to the addition of grape must. Producers substitute unfermented grape juice for vinegar."

The article includes a recipe to make your own violet mustard and suggests using it to coat a rack of lamb before roasting it. Do you have any other violet mustard dressing suggestions? Does it work in salad dressing?

Also, we just don't see avgotaraho -- the "pricey" "cured roe of fish from the waters off the Greek coast" -- making it as an everyday ingredient.

Do you suggest some eccentric, indulgent condiments we should check out? Not sure if jam is technically a condiment, but we're huge June Taylor jam fans here.