Faith's Daily Find 05.18.15

Announce Dinner in Style with One of These 3 Menu Chalkboards

We all know that planning your meals for the week is seriously helpful — it keeps you on track with shopping and cooking, and it preempts the question, "What's for dinner tonight?" It helps even more to have your dinner plans right in front of you — whether that's in a scrawled note on the fridge, written out on a white board, or hung up in style with one of these three chalkboard menus.

I like this first one in particular, as it gives you plenty of room to plan each day — Monday through Sunday.

There are many ways to customize this chalkboard, from the frame to the design.

Here's a simple modern option: vinyl chalkboard decals that stick smoothly to the wall.

Want to make your own chalkboard menu board?

Get instructions: How To Make a Chalkboard Menu Board