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Amazon Has a Great Deal on This Top-of-the-Line Instant Pot

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Understatement of the year: We have a bit of an obsession with the Instant Pot. Which is why we feel confident saying that if you want an Instant Pot Ultra, now is a good time to buy one. See, the 8-quart version of top-of-the-line model is currently only $120 on Amazon. (That's the same price as the 3-quart size!)

The Instant Pot comes in various sizes and models, which can make things confusing. One of the hardest things can just be figuring out how to spot when something is actually a good deal. Generally speaking, the more expensive the Instant Pot is, the more bells and whistles it has. Confusingly, the Instant Pot Lux is the most basic model currently on the market. (It was the most luxe on the market when it came out — kind of like how modern art is now 100 years old.) It's followed by the Duo, then Duo Plus. The Ultra can do everything the other models can do, and then some.

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The technical specs that make it fancier than the Instant Pot Duo Plus are pretty minuscule, and not necessarily worth the extra money you'd normally spend on it. However, since the 8-Quart Ultra is currently on sale for $60 off (making it less expensive than the not-on-sale 8-Quart Duo Plus), it's currently a pretty good buy. Another thing to consider: the 8-Quart size is pretty hefty, and designed with large families or serious batch cooking in mind.

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The Ultra brags that it's a 10-in-1 cooker — it has 16 pre-set cooking options and you can customize your own settings. The customization is what makes it stand out from other models and really is best for the home cook who loves to tinker around.

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An alternative idea: Not sure you need the 10-in-1 cooking capabilities? We actually think the basic Lux model — at the everyday price of $80 — does more than enough.