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Amazon Is Having a Chocolate Sale — Just in Time for Mother's Day

Image Credit: Ali Lanenga/Stocksy

When we think of online sales we like to watch out for, we typically think of staples like knives or Dutch ovens. Rarely do we think of things like groceries. Today, however, Amazon is having a chocolate sale so good it might be worth getting your sweet tooth fix online.

The sale, which is tied to Mother's Day, runs only for today, Wednesday, May 2. One of the first things we spotted? More than three pounds of M&Ms for just $14. Perhaps not the most practical buy, unless you need candy in bulk, but there are other good options for actual gifts in addition to the serious bulk discounts.

Here are our three favorite buys, whether you're shopping for Mother's Day, grad gifts, or just for your own sweet tooth. Bonus: All the chocolates on sale qualify for Prime shipping.

Image Credit: Amazon

1. Green & Black Chocolate Library Dark Chocolate Collection, $16

Chocolate doesn't have to be pretty to be delicious, but we love that this stuff is! It looks like a gift that's already been wrapped. The "library" comes with four different kinds of premium dark chocolate.

Image Credit: Amazon

2. Ghirardelli Wine Country Tower Wine Country Gift Basket Tower, $24

Speaking of things that require no wrapping: This show-stopper has five boxes filled with Ghirardelli treats like cookies, caramel popcorn, and, of course, those iconic individually wrapped chocolate squares.

Image Credit: Amazon

3. Hershey's 5-Pound Chocolate Candy Bar, $31

As much as we love fancy chocolate, it's hard to replace Hershey's. Blame it on nostalgia, but there's something about that classic chocolate bar we'll always love. And when its super-sized, even better — especially with s'mores season coming up!