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The Outdoor-Ready Wine Tumblers We're Coveting for This Summer

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Kitchn editors are scattered around the country, and it's finally starting to feel a lot like summer — for all of us. So naturally we're thinking about things like cold brew, ice cream, and, of course, picnics.

One of our biggest outdoor dining essentials? A good wine glass for al fresco sipping. Here are three of our favorites. (Bonus: One's on sale.)

Image Credit: Amazon

1. Govino Shatterproof Wine Glasses, $13 for four

Govino's plastic wine glasses were initially designed for professionals to use during tastings. The shatterproof, lightweight, recyclable plastic also happens to be great for packing along on picnics, or taking anywhere you're nervous about taking regular glass (read: poolside). They typically retail for as much as $20, but you can get a set of four on Amazon for just $13.

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2. Hydro Flask 10-ounce Stemless Wine Tumbler, $30

The double-insulated design of this tumbler keeps whatever's inside cold for up to 24 hours. It also keeps your hands from transferring heat, or condensation from building up. Perhaps a bit extreme for a simple drink on the porch, but this is great for camping or hiking trips — with an included happy hour.

Image Credit: Amazon

3. Goverre Stemless Wine Glass, $24

You wouldn't take this with you on a camping trip, but Goverre's stemless tumbler is a great middle option between Govino's affordable, plastic cups and the more durable, function-first Hyrdo Flask option. The tumbler itself is made from actual glass, and has a no-slip silicone sleeve that gives you a no-slip grip and added durability, and provides some insulation.