The Best January Aldi Finds to Start 2019 Off on the Right Foot

Image Credit: Aldi

With New Year's Eve quickly approaching, we got a sneak peak at the Aldi Finds that will hit stores in January. (Not familiar with Aldi Finds? Every Wednesday, Aldi grocery stores around the country bring new products into rotation for a limited time. And they're called, you guessed it, Aldi Finds. These special products can be anything from frozen pizzas with fun toppings, to drawer organizers, and even trampolines.)

January's Aldi Finds are mostly grocery items — although there are $20 Lightweight Cast Iron Dutch Ovens and Braisers coming out on January 2 — and we quickly noticed three main themes. There's healthy stuff, snack-y items for the Super Bowl, and treats for Valentine's Day.

Here are the 10 Aldi Finds for January that we're the most excited about.

Image Credit: Aldi

1. Simply Nature Quinoa Chips, $1.99 for 3.5 ounces

Hoping to cut out the mindless snacking in 2019? That's easier said than done. But not necessarily terrible if you're munching on these quinoa chips. Look for them on January 2 in three flavors — sea salt, barbecue, and salt and vinegar.

Image Credit: Aldi

2. Millville Overnight Oats, $1.29

Overnight oats couldn't be more popular these days — or easier. Take a minute to prep them before you go to bed and breakfast will literally be waiting for you in the morning. Load up on blueberry, apple cinnamon, or mixed berry, starting on January 2.

Image Credit: Aldi

3. Mama Cozzi's Cauliflower Crust Pizza , $5.99

Mama Cozzi's pizza has a cult following at Aldi. Don't believe us? Try to get a pie on a Friday evening and let us know if your store is sold out or not! So we're pumped to try this cauliflower crust version, which hits stores on January 9. Look for it in either Three Cheese or Margherita.

Image Credit: Aldi

4. Fremont Fish Market Salmon Power Bites, $4.99 for six ounces

As much as our 10-year-old selves wanted to hate these fish bites, we just don't. The salmon ones are loaded with edamame, spinach, broccoli, scallions, and more. Each bite is loaded with protein and flavor. There's a shrimp version — also coming out on January 9.

Image Credit: Aldi

5. Fremont Fish Market Mustard Pretzel Cod, $4.49

Speaking of fish, Aldi's frozen seafood is not to be overlooked. (See: The Surprising Aldi Freezer-Aisle Find You Need to Try.) For less than $5, you've got a readymade dinner main that's just waiting to be heated up. We love the sound of this mustard-pretzel combo, but there will also be a mango habenero option — both hit stores on January 9.

Image Credit: Aldi

6. Clancy's Fiery Hot Cheese Curls, $1.49

The name-brand version of this cheesy snack would cost you nearly double. Save some cash and grab this option on January 16. There's also a cheddar jalapeño flavor, too.

Image Credit: Aldi

7. Appetitos Appetizer Bites Chorizo Queso Bites, $3.59 for 15

Aldi has a bunch of game day-worthy, bite-sized snacks coming out this month. In addition to the bites pictured above, there's also a BBQ chicken version hitting stores on January 16. And there will be pretzel filled bites with pepper Jack or cheddar ($2.29). We couldn't pick between these four, so we decided to tell you about all of them!

Image Credit: Aldi

8. Mama Cozzi's Mega Pizza Snacks, $2.49 for 17 ounces

Mama Cozzi in party bite size? Yes, please. Available in pepperoni or combination, starting January 23, we suggest stocking up on these for the Super Bowl and after-school snacking.

Image Credit: Aldi

9. Specially Selected Heart Brioche with Chocolate Chips, $4.99

Aldi's brioche is back! (As of January 30!) We've had it in other shapes — a tree and a general loaf — and couldn't get over how rich and moist it was. And the fact that it's now in a heart shape for Valentine's Day? Well, we've never wanted French toast in bed as badly as we do right now.

Image Credit: Aldi

10. Specially Selected Chocolate Truffle Hearts, $3.49 for 12

Don't wait until the last minute to buy sweets for your sweetheart this Valentine's Day. This box hits stores on Jan 30 and is understated yet festive.