We Compared the NuWave, Power Air, and Farberware Air Fryers: Here's Our Candid Review

Image Credit: The Kitchn

According to Kitchn's research, three of the most Googled air fryers are for the NuWave, Power Air, and Farberware devices. Home cooks want to know how these three small appliances, specifically, perform. Do they have any quirks? Are they worth the money? Is one better than the other? In attempts to save you some search time, I've tested all three of these machines. Here's what I liked — and didn't like! — about each one.

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I've tested, used, and played with nearly every piece of kitchen gear (including air fryers) to come on the market for years. When it comes to gear, it takes a lot to impress me, and I know what actually works.

Farberware Air Fryer



Bottom line: It's a good entry into air frying if your priority is spending as little as possible. And if you're one of those people who finds it challenging to program consumer electronics, you'll appreciate the fact that the Farberware has dials, not touch pads.

Buy: Farberware Air Fryer, $60 at Jet

NuWave Brio 6-Quart Healthy Digital Air Fryer



Bottom line: Looking for a good value in a family-sized air fryer? Here's your guy. It's a close rival to my fave, the much pricier Philips, but does require that you do some tossing during cooking.

Buy: NuWave Brio 6-QT Healthy Digital Air Fryer, $100 at Target

Power Air



Bottom line: Not a top choice. There are better air fryers for the money.

Buy: 5.5-Quart Family Sized Power Air Fryer Elite, $120