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A Vegan Trick for an Even Creamier Smoothie

Image Credit: Joe Lingeman

Just as important as building layers of flavor in your smoothie is tackling the texture. There is a simple trick that every vegan knows for whipping up a thicker smoothie with a milkshake-like creaminess, and it's hiding out in your pantry.

Raw Cashews Are the Key to a Creamier Smoothie

The secret to a creamy, ultra-velvety smoothie is not found in the dairy aisle — it is right inside your pantry. Raw, unsalted cashews are a classic ingredient for whipping up thick and creamy smoothies every time. In fact, they're used throughout traditional vegan cooking to add creaminess and richness.

Unlike other nuts, there is no pulp left behind after blending cashews. These fatty nuts are easily blitzed, giving your smoothie a dessert-like rich and creamy texture, and an added boost of protein.

Image Credit: Jerrelle Guy

This Is The Best Way to Add Cashews to a Smoothie

If you have ever made any type of nut milk, this approach will sound quite similar, and relies on soaking raw cashews for the best results. Covering the cashews with water and soaking at least for a few hours, although preferably overnight, softens the nuts, making them easier to blend. Think of this step as your insurance policy for a blending up an extra-smooth drink.

As a rule of thumb, use up to 1/4 cup of raw, unsalted cashews for every cup of liquid in the smoothie. Cover the cashews with water and soak overnight (or at least a few hours), to soften the nuts. Drain the liquid from the nuts, then add the cashews to the blender with the other ingredients.

Do you add cashews or any other nut to your smoothie?