Mother's Day

A Last-Minute Mother's Day Brunch That You Can Throw Together in the Morning

Image Credit: Susanna Hopler

So you're hosting Mother's Day brunch and, for whatever reason, you're down to the wire with barely a plan in place. Mom is coming over in just a few hours and you haven't put one thought into what to make. Don't worry — you still have time to pull this off. And there's no need to run out for a dozen doughnuts and a box of joe — you can do this just the way you pictured. This menu will help you put together a fast, fancy, and celebratory brunch together in little to no time. This menu feeds six people and can be made before mom arrives. We've even included a timeline on exactly how you to can pull this off. You've got this!

The Menu + A Few Tips

This brunch menu was intended for the last-minute folks who wake up Sunday morning and can hardly believe it's actually already Sunday and that mom is coming over in just a few hours. Everything can be made in next to no time, without breaking a sweat, and still comes together as one fabulous, celebratory meal.

What to Drink

A good cocktail is sure to make Mom happy on her special day. Sure, you can simply pop open a few bottles of bubbly, but you do actually have time to upgrade those bottles by adding a couple of other ingredients to the equation and turning them into a quick cocktail. Grab your prettiest Champagne flutes to make the drinks extra festive.

Elderflower & Lemon Sparkling Sipper: Add a splash of elderflower liquor and fresh lemon juice to sparkling wine and suddenly it's a touch lighter, sweeter, and completely fit for brunch. Then just drop a couple of raspberries into each glass to dress it up (although blueberries, sliced strawberries, or even just a lemon twist will do).

Image Credit: Kaitlin Flannery

What to Eat

This brunch is simple yet well-rounded. There's your signature egg dish to sit in the center of the table, carbs and cream cheese to make everyone happy, and enough fresh fruit to keep it squarely in morning territory.

Image Credit: Maria Midoes

Your Brunch Timeline

Your timeline starts as soon as you wake up Sunday morning. If guests are arriving in a few hours, you still have time to shower, make a cup of coffee, run to the grocery store, and get this menu together.


  • When you wake up: Run to the store to pick up anything you might not already have. That probably means grabbing some cut fresh fruit, the ingredients for the mini bagels and lox, and maybe a bottle of elderflower liquor and a couple bottles of bubbly. Save yourself a second trip by making a quick grocery list before you head out.
  • Before everyone arrives: After getting the frittata in the oven to bake, toss together the fruit for the fruit salad and lay out the mini bagels, lox, cream cheese, and toppings on a pretty platter.
  • When guests arrive: Once guests arrive, pour the cocktails, relax, and enjoy your time with mom.