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A Genius Cleaning Tip

Image Credit: Kelli Foster

A few weeks ago we published a roundup of the best ways to clean the kitchen with a lemon. In the comment section of that post, a reader pointed out we'd neglected to mention her favorite way to clean with a lemon, even one that's been sliced, juiced, and headed for the compost. I tried out her idea, and am now officially a fan of this cleaning tip. Here's what she suggested.

Image Credit: Cambria Bold

Put a lemon wedge in the dishwasher!

Here's how it works: Place a lemon peel or a full lemon wedge (even one that's been juiced!) on the top rack of your dishwasher, skewered on a plate wire, or in the cutlery department, and run a normal cycle. The lemon will help freshen the load (a very faint lemon scent, but still there!), but more importantly it'll leave your dishes sparkly!

I admit, I was a little dubious about this trick, but the first time I did it, I noticed a definite improvement in residue and water spots on my dishes. Woo-hoo!

Now I try to stick a wedge in the dishwasher whenever I remember, and it's turned out to be a nice way to cap off a cooking session. If I used a lemon in the recipe (and I often do), I take one used-up wedge to wipe down my cutting board, and then pop the other wedge in the dishwasher. Feels so much better than just throwing those lemons out!

Have you ever put a lemon peel or wedge in the dishwasher?

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