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A California Tea Party Playlist: Bring on That '60s Soul

Image Credit: Danielle Rubi-Dentzel

This week we're showing you Leela Cyd's gorgeous tea party that she put together for her and a few of her pals right outside of Santa Barbara. While the thoughtful bites and delicious tea might have been the stars of the whole shebang, the music really transformed the occasion into a party.

Just try to listen to this (mostly) '60s playlist without dancing and singing along. I dare you.

Leela forgot to bring her Bluetooth speakers to the party, so she put her phone in a bowl to amplify the sound. So brilliant! She noted that this makeshift approach actually added to the ambience of the playlist.

Remember that if you're looking to crank up the tunes for your own party, you can always get creative with what you have.

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Listen to the Playlist: A California Tea Party

Image Credit: Leela Cyd

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