The Great Pumpkin

6 Ingenious, Adorable Ways to Decorate Halloween Pumpkins with Kids

Image Credit: Project Kid

Ready to decorate pumpkins with your kids? Just one problem: Toddlers and knives don't mix well. So skip the traditional carving. We've found six ingenious ways to decorate a Halloween pumpkin in more kid-friendly ways.

These are the smartest ideas out there for you and your little ones to try this Halloween.

1. Boo Zoo

How cute is this circus-inspired pumpkin from Project Kid? To make, cut a rectangular opening in a pumpkin, then create a "cage" using painted wood skewers. We like that the carving here is minimal; do it during naptime and then let your little one finish it off with their favorite plastic zoo animals inside. Rawr!

Image Credit: Cloudy Day Gray

2. Colorful Confetti Halloween Pumpkin

Playful and cute, these confetti pumpkins from Cloudy Day Gray are a fun, no-carve solution that both kids and parents can get behind. Use Mod Podge to attach dots of paper confetti to a white pumpkin for a party-ready gourd.

Image Credit: She Wears Many Hats

3. Goofy Googly Eyes

For a pumpkin that's more silly than scary, try making this googly-eyed guy from She Wears Many Hats with your kids. Purchase a few packs of googly eyes at any craft store and attach them to your pumpkin using a hot glue gun.

Image Credit: All You

4. Silly Spider

You just need a few pipe cleaners to craft up this cute arachnid from All You with your kids. Stick black pipe cleaner "legs" into the sides of a mini pumpkin, then finish it off with a felt or painted eyes and mouth.

Image Credit: Princess Pinky Girl

5. Cookie Monster

Little goblins will, well, gobble up this cute Cookie Monster pumpkin — complete with cookies! To make, paint a pumpkin blue (of course!), cut a mouth, attach two styrofoam balls as "eyes," and serve your best chocolate chip cookie recipe spilling out the mouth.

Image Credit: Women's Day

6. Lollipop Greeter

Become the most sought-after house on the block with this cheeky pumpkin from Woman's Day greeting trick-or-treaters on the porch. Carve a friendly face and drill small holes for lollipop sticks, then have your kids fill 'em with lollipops that are free for the taking. (Find these orange-striped lollipops at Amazon.)