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5 Tips That Make Smart Snacking Easier

Image Credit: Kimberley Hasselbrink

I don't usually plan when I'm going to snack. Instead I reach for something to nibble on the moment my stomach starts grumbling. And as for what I reach for, it's usually whatever is the most convenient and requires the least amount of work in the moment.

Smarter snacking comes down to this: prep, packaging, and storage. Here are five helpful tips to make those things, and smarter snacking, a little bit easier.

Image Credit: Anjali Prasertong

1. Use small jars to pack a veggie and dip combo.

Instead of packing up two containers, spoon hummus or another thick dip into the bottom of one sturdy, leak-proof container (small Mason jars work really well), then fill with raw veggies, close the lid, and go.

2. Make healthier snacking the convenient choice.

Convenience is king when it comes to snacking. While watermelon and pineapple sound like great snacking options, it's easier to reach for something that doesn't require any cutting or prep work. The simple solution is to make fresh fruit and veggies, along with other healthier foods, a convenient snacking choice by prepping a lot in advance.

3. Keep a crudité platter at eye level in the fridge.

An easy way to get in the habit of snacking on more vegetables is by keeping them prepped and at the ready. And just as important is keeping those prepped veggies visible, like at eye level, so you see them every time you open the fridge.

4. Use bulk bins to buy a small amount of snacks.

Bulk bins aren't just for whole grains, but also a good place to stock up on both sweet and savory snacks. They're especially convenient when you just want a little bit of something, like snack mix, crackers, or cookies, without committing to a whole box.

5. Pick an afternoon snack that's packed with protein.

When your energy starts to fade and your stomach grumbles, think carefully about what you choose for a mid-afternoon snack. A snack packed with protein, like cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, roasted chickpeas, or homemade jerky, will do a solid job of carrying you through the rest of the day.