Product Review

The EcoJarz Shaker Whisk is a Worthy Attachment for a Mason Jar

Image Credit: Coco Morante

Have you ever seen one of these doodads? It's a whisk that fits inside of a mason jar, perfect for shaking up small quantities of many foods. Let me tell you which kitchen tasks to tackle with this cute, inexpensive, and handy tool, and which to avoid!

If you've perused the aisles of any craft store, cook shop, or big-box retailer lately, you may have noticed that mason jars (and plastic lookalikes) are popping up everywhere. Alongside this trend, EcoJarz has developed some great accessories to make the ubiquitous jars even more useful and functional, in the kitchen and beyond.

One of my favorite offerings from their line is the Stainless Steel Shaker Whisk, which fits inside of a regular or wide-mouth mason jar. Be sure to cover it snugly, then shake away!

What Whisked Well?

The whisk sped up the emulsification of oil and vinegar-based vinaigrettes, aerated whipping cream into fluffy, soft peaks, and so much more. Here are some of the tasks I'll be completing with this new gadget from now on:

What Didn't Work?

Note that the whisk does have its limits. I ran into a couple hiccups when I tried to emulsify thicker foods, such as mayonnaise and egg whites. I'll continue to rely on my immersion blender method, stand mixer, or beating by hand with a regular whisk for these tasks:

So there you have it! A new tool for your kitchen arsenal or a useful tool to bring along on vacation. This would also make an adorable housewarming gift, nestled inside a mason jar and wrapped with a bow.

→ Where to Buy: EcoJarz Stainless Steel Shaker Whisk, $3.99 on EcoJarz