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5 Telltale Signs You Really Need to Buy a Stand Mixer

Image Credit: Lauren Volo

What's that? Is this stand mixer whispering to you? It wants you to bring it home? Sounds like you might really need to buy a stand mixer.

In case you weren't totally sure, here are the five telltale signs it's time.

1. Your Pinterest looks like a KitchenAid show room.

If you have a Pinterest board that doubles as a wish list and basically everything on that list is a stand mixer, you might have a problem. The easy solution? Just buy yourself a stand mixer, already!

2. You know what is — and what isn't — an official color for KitchenAid's mixers.

Pistachio, Buttercup, Truffle Dust, and Kalamata Olive. You know which of these is not like the others. (Answer: It's Olive. There is no Kalamata Olive color — yet.) You know which colors came out last year and which ones were launched the year before that. The bigger question here, though, is which color you'd get?

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Image Credit: Lauren Volo

3. You are bad at mixing things.

If it takes you a weekend to whip egg whites into light, fluffy peaks, you might need help. While some people would suggest getting a gym membership (or at least some one-pound weights for using at home), that sounds boring to us. Instead, use this as a way to justify buying a stand mixer.

4. You really like homemade pasta.

There's no shame in it — homemade pasta tastes better than the stuff from the box. And if you actually want to make it yourself, then we support you! And so will a stand mixer, when it comes time to flatten and cut your dough.

5. You just came into some extra counter space.

Did you just move into a bigger apartment? Or maybe your toaster oven died and you made the liberating decision not to replace it? Either way, congrats! Now you have more counter space than you ever had before! Might as well put it good use and let it house a stand mixer.

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