Maker Tour: Part Five

7 Tips for Pairing Kombucha with Food

Image Credit: Jayme Henderson

Advice from: Mike Burns and Jenni Lyons of Happy Leaf Kombucha
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I sat down with Mike and Jenni of Happy Leaf Kombucha and asked them how they creatively use kombucha in their kitchen. Which foods naturally pair best with its flavor profile? How did they incorporate kombucha into recipes? Their eyes immediately lit up as they shared their favorite ways to use kombucha. Kombucha-braised chuck roast? Kombucha frozen yogurt floats? I started taking down some notes.

Image Credit: Jayme Henderson

I have recently been hooked on making my own drinking vinegars, or shrubs, and I have had fun finding other ways to use them in the kitchen, like in salad dressings or cocktails. I figured that kombucha is pretty versatile as well. It has all of the components of a refreshing, food-friendly libation: it is palate-cleansing, effervescent, lightly acidic, and a little mouth-wateringly sour.

How to Pair Kombucha with Food

Image Credit: Jayme Henderson

How to Use Kombucha in Recipes

Thanks, Mike and Jenni, for the suggestions!

Image Credit: Jayme Henderson