4 Beautiful Pie Crusts That Are Way Easier Than Lattice

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There's no better time than summer to get your fill of fresh fruit pies. Plump blueberries, jewel-like cherries and sweet peaches are waiting to get swaddled in a buttery, flaky crust and baked into pie perfection.

There's one thing that always leaves me torn about about fruit pies, though — the crust. Ideally, these pies are best topped with a beautiful, intricately woven lattice crust. There's no question that good lattice work is beautiful, but it is also a little stressful.

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Rather than get over my fear of making lattice crust, I've chosen to move beyond them.

Even if you're a lattice-making pro, you should follow my lead. For your next fruit pie, skip the lattice and go for one of these four beautiful (and ridiculously easy!) pie crusts instead!

1. Pinwheel pie crust

This fun spiral crust is as easy as twisting and twirling strips of dough. Start at the center of the pie, connecting pieces together as you work toward the edges.

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2. Cutaway pie crust

Fruit pies need vents in the top crust so steam can be released. What better way to do this than by using a large pastry tip or small cookie cutter (preferably the most fun shape you've got!) to punch holes in the dough.

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3. Cut-out pie crust

Roll out the top layer of pie dough then grab your favorite medium or large cookie cutter and use it to cut pieces. Decorate the top of the pie with the cut outs.

Have a steady hand? Use a paring knife to cut your own fun shapes!

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4. Stars and stripes

Patriotic pies aren't just for Memorial Day and the 4th of July! Dress up your pie with a medley of stars and stripes across the top.

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Must-Try Summer Fruit Pies!

How do you dress up your favorite pie?