Faith's Daily Find 05.25.15

3 Gorgeous Fruit Bowls (Because If You See It, You'll Eat It)

My fruit consumption (as opposed to, you know, chocolate and pretzels) really goes up when I leave fruit at eye level on the countertop. I leave my prettiest bowl in a corner of the kitchen or on the dining table, pile in some seasonal fruit, and suddenly my snacking habits get much better. Here are three gorgeous fruit bowls in different styles that may do the same for you.

This first one — a concrete piece of serious substance — just looks modern and weighty, like it will stay put in your kitchen and never leave.

More a plate than a bowl, this beautiful piece was handmade on a lathe in Italy from a piece of cherry wood. There's some serious character there.

A classic bowl that has a touch of Southern gentility, to my eye — and it's just as good for punch as it is your summer peaches.

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