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15 Snacks to Stash in Your Purse

Image Credit: Emma Christensen

I used to giggle at the idea of purse snacks. I mean, only moms need them since they're on the go with kids, right? Wrong! I can't count the number of times I've been saved from dangerously low blood-sugar levels and the ensuing crankiness by scarfing down a snack that was stashed in my purse or bag.

Purse snacks have to be fairly non-perishable so you can carry them around for a couple of days at room temperature without worrying about them. They also have to be sturdy and hold up to all the constant rummaging around we do in our purses and bags — there's nothing worse than a snack that's turned into a pile of mush or crumbs.

Here are our favorite purse snacks!

Image Credit: Emma Christensen

Granola and Energy Bars

Image Credit: Emma Christensen

Savory Snacks

Image Credit: Emma Christensen

Sweet Snacks

Image Credit: Faith Durand

Sweet-Savory Snacks

What are your favorite purse snacks?