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14 Easy Recipes to Up Your Lunch Game

Image Credit: Coco Morante

Sandwiches are an easy crutch to lean on when it comes to packing lunch during the work week. But let's be honest here — sandwiches get boring pretty fast, and you deserve a satisfying lunch that you look forward to.

From fresh salads to whole grains to noodle bowls, here are 14 easy recipes to up your lunch game.

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Treat yourself to a lunch you can make ahead and grab from the fridge as you head out the door. Revel in spring with a strawberry and spinach salad, or chicken salad with dill and yogurt. Swap the greens for whole grains, or go for something a little more filling like a noodle bowl or light pasta.


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Whole Grains

Noodle Bowls & Pasta