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15 Simple Cookie Recipes to Bake This Season

Image Credit: Joe Lingeman

Did you think you would be much further along in your holiday baking by now and are starting to panic about how you're going to get it all done? First, take a deep breath, and second, make it easy on yourself. Remember, holiday baking is supposed to be fun.

Here are 15 quick and easy cookie recipes to whip up, including the four-ingredient, paleo, vegan cookie everyone loves, as well as our our favorite soft and chewy oatmeal cookies. We've even got savory cookies! Read on for more.

15 Quick and Easy Cookie Recipes | How To Make Soft Chewy Peanut Butter Cookies

Image Credit: Elizabeth Graeber

Classic Quick Favorites

If you're really struggling with what to bake, here is my best tip: You can absolutely, positively never go wrong with the classics. Whether you bake a batch of spritz cookies, peanut butter cookies, or oatmeal raisin cookies, these timeless treats are always a win.

Image Credit: Samantha Bolton

Quick Cookies for Dietary Restrictions

If you're baking for someone with dietary restrictions, or even if you just want to break away from the cookies you always bake, this lineup will not disappoint. Bake them during the holiday season, and then again and again throughout the coming year.

Image Credit: Jenny Huang

Quick Savory Cookies

Who can resist a really good sweet and savory combo? Not me, that is for sure. One of the simplest and easiest ways to make even the most basic recipe stand out is by mixing in a little of the unexpected. And with cookies, that little something is a savory ingredient. Everything from fresh herbs to grated cheese to cracked black pepper are all fair game.