Recipe Roundup

10 Spooky, Clever Foods for Halloween

Image Credit: Texanerin

It comes but once a year. Oh, yes — once a year you're allowed to delve into the dark, twisted part of your mind and come up with something that'll scare the bejeesus out of people. As mentioned, I'd rather stick with friendly ghosts, but I'm not one to keep anyone else away from the creep! Here are 10 spooky (albeit, pretty clever!) food ideas for your Halloween party.

1. Whole-Wheat Witch Fingers from Texaerin Baking

These spooky fingers might haunt your dreams, but I promise you they aren't hard to make and they're pretty tasty sounding too. It's just a molded cookie with jam and a slivered almond.

Image Credit: Kitchen @ Hoskins

2. Creepy Pizza Hands from Kitchen @ Hoskins

Why would you make regular pizza when you can make pizza that looks like a creepy hand?

Image Credit: Spend with Pennies

3. Eyeball Pasta from Spend with Pennies

So this recipe idea is pretty ingenious. You make the "eyes" of the pasta with string cheese and black olives.

Image Credit: Noble Pig

4. Bloody Band-Aid Cookies from Noble Pig

All you need for this recipe is a graham cracker, white frosting, and red gel or raspberry jam.

Image Credit: Helpful Homemade

5. Meat Head from Helpful Homemade

The name for this recipe goes straight to the heart of this recipe. Yup, that is in fact a plastic skull covered with red jello and deli slices. Maybe you don't want to eat this one?

Image Credit: The Girl Who Ate Everything

6. Dracula's Dentures from The Girl Who Ate Everything

All you need for this one is chocolate chip cookies, red frosting, almonds, and mini marshmallows. This would be a super-cute treat for school.

Image Credit: Cooking with Curls

9. Toxic Waste Mac & Cheese from Cooking with Curls

This recipe has been saved over 36,000 times this year alone on Pinterest. Sure, it might look uninviting, but it's filled with cheese!

Image Credit: One Little Project

9. Jello Worms from One Little Project

To make these creepy (and edible) worms, all you need is jello powder, water, and a whole bunch of plastic straws.

Image Credit: Erica's Sweet Tooth

10. Vampire Caramel Apples from Erica's Sweet Tooth

Why would you make just regular caramel apples when you can turn them into sneaky vampires?