12 Ways to Put an Egg on Your Pizza

Image Credit: Local Milk

You might normally top your pizza with extra cheese, pepperoni, or mushrooms, but have you tried topping your pizza with an egg? I'm particularly enamored of fried eggs on pizza because you get that luxurious runny yolk that mixes in with the cheese and tomato sauce. In some cases, adding an egg to pizza even allows you to pass it off as breakfast. And who doesn't love pizza for breakfast?

If you're looking for ideas, here are 12 ways you can top your pizza with an egg.

1. Rampini and Rosemary Potato Pizza with Buttermilk Crust from Local Milk

Image Credit: Zen Can Cook

2. Spring Pizza from Zen Can Cook

Image Credit: Naomi Robinson

3. Beet Crust Pizza from Bakers Royale

Image Credit: Minimally Invasive

4. Breakfast Pizza from Minimally Invasive

Image Credit: What's Gaby Cooking

5. Pea Prosciutto Spring Pizza from What's Gaby Cooking

Image Credit: B Britnell

6. Breakfast Pizza from B. Britnell

Image Credit: Life as a Strawberry

7. Gruyere and Spring Vegetable Breakfast Pizza from Life as a Strawberry

Image Credit: Diethood

8. Bacon and Egg Phyllo Breakfast Pizza from Diethood

Image Credit: The Awesome Green

9. Cauliflower Crust Pizza with Kale and Roasted Garlic Sauce from The Awesome Green

Image Credit: A Couple Cooks

10. White Pizza with Pecorino, Scallion and Egg from A Couple Cooks

Image Credit: Wild Greens and Sardines

11. Sourdough Pizza with Green Garlic and Shaved Asparagus from Wild Greens and Sardines

Image Credit: Katie at the Kitchen Door

12. Carbonara Pizza from Katie at the Kitchen Door