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12 Sweet and Savory Recipes for Smarter Snacking

Image Credit: Naomi Robinson

I eat a lot of snacks throughout the week. Instead of trying to curb my habits, I embrace my love for snacks with open arms — with one caveat. I may snack often, but I make an effort to snack smart.

Whether you have a sweet tooth that doesn't quit or you prefer something on the savory side, these 12 recipes will put you on track for smarter afternoon snacking.

Image Credit: Andrea Bemis

It's easy to reach for a cookie or piece of chocolate when you have a sweet tooth, but there are smarter choices out there; ones that are just as satisfying. From summery spring rolls filled with fruit to popcorn trail mix drizzled with chocolate, these snacks give you the kind of break your afternoon deserves.

Roasted chickpeas and cheesy vegan kale chips are musts for anyone who craves a crisp, savory, sensible snack. And, if you're a nut lover, these smoky almond snack bars need to be on your radar.

Sweet Snack Recipes

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Savory Snack Recipes